Monday, January 28, 2013

Lightroom 4 Tutorial: Dark Vintage Effect

For this month's photo challenge, I decided to test my skills at creating a vintage inspired shoot with my daughter.

CLICK HERE for a video tutorial on how to achieve this look with Adobe Lightroom 4.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to add HDR effect to a photo with Lightroom 4

Please click here to watch my: VIDEO TUTORIAL

Below is a quick & easy editing method I tested in Lightroom 4, which renders somewhat of an HDR effect.  This sample image was taken with my Canon Rebel T2i & fixed "nifty 50" lens:
ISO 100 ~ 50mm ~ f/4.0 ~ 1/160 sec
As you can see, it's over exposed and dull looking.

With a few quick tweaks in Lightroom 4, 

we end up here:

I wanted to bring out the red of the barn, so I then increased the Red saturation to +15 with a luminosity of +20.  I reduced the Green to -15 saturation & -60 luminosity & also adjusted the tone of the green to +20 to take away some of the "yellowish" tone.

I made some further adjustments to the sharpness & noise reduction:
Finally, I added a slight vignette around the entire photo, & a graduated filter to darken the sky.  I did just a few last minute brushes increasing the clarity on the barn wood.

For someone working only with Lightroom 4, I was pleased with the end result.  I look forward to testing this out on some more photos soon, particularly on some of Oklahoma's incredible sunsets.