Friday, May 10, 2013

Military Spouse Appreciation Contest ~ FREE Family Photo Session

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a day that is set aside each year to recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices of military spouses.  In 1984, then President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the Friday before Mother’s Day to be designated as Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  Since then, each President and senior military leaders have echoed the sentiments expressed by President Reagan.  In addition to the public support and recognition of these leaders, events are commonly sponsored at installations across the nation and around the world to recognize the importance of our unsung heroes.

Military spouses, past and present, are an extraordinary group of individuals.  While their husbands or wives took an oath and signed on a dotted line when they joined the military, spouses were enlisted through the back door with the vows they took on their wedding day.  In choosing their mates, they inadvertently chose their way of life.  Then reality comes crashing in and they realize that they are the only constant for their children while mom or dad is deployed or remote, and they remain steadfast in their conviction that they are doing the right thing.

In honor of all of the husbands and wives of our men & women in uniform, Full Feather Photography is hosting a Military Spouse Appreciation Contest over on our Facebook page. 

Contest entries will be accepted between May 10, 2013 and May 17, 2013.  A winner will be announced on May 20th.  Only one entry per contestant please. CLICK HERE to see more details or to enter the contest.

The husbands and wives of all our men and women in uniform worldwide deserve our thanks.  We salute your strength, patriotism and support.  You make the mission possible.