Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Ok, here first blog.

This afternoon, as I reflected on the year quickly coming to an end, I thought about how my photography business has evolved since I formed Full Feather Photography last Spring.  I decided to review some of my work & try to dig up my favorite portrait from 2012.  Without further ado:

Meet beautiful Brylee. She & her brother, Cohen, were such a joy to capture. They live several hours away, but I really hope I get to see them again someday.

I took this photo last July with my Canon Rebel T2i & EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens. I knew the moment I snapped the shutter that this would be one to treasure.  Today, I was practicing some new editing techniques, when this photo took me by surprise. I converted it to black & white, zoomed in close on Brylee's eyes & was working on adding some contrast. I then attempted to remove a stray hair that is shown over her left eye, when I noticed...myself.

Yep, that's me, crouched down camera in hand at the other end of our fishing dock, peering thru my lens at this beautiful little girl. Those big gorgeous eyes reflecting all that surrounds her. Sitting on the dock on a hot summer day & inviting me into her world. "Wait! Don't remove a thing!" I said to myself. I love the way those little stray hairs float across her face. They only show more of the natural lively moments we had together.  Running around in the hot sun, fishing, dressing up, chasing imaginary dragons in the woods & playing on our tractor. 

timeless. precious. childhood.  

This day will forever be one of my favorite photo sessions. Thank you, Brylee, for reminding me of where to "focus" my work & to always stay in the moment.

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